Monday, September 8, 2008

Another great day!

We had a bit of a rough night last night. He kept waking up and had problems getting his eye open each time and refused to go back to sleep until he could. But, our last full day in Dallas was a good one. We started the day by heading to a big mall here called the Galleria. Zack liked the little play area, but we had to leave when he starting thinking he could jump off things! (BTW...yes, I realize he's wearing the same shirt as yesterday...somehow I miscalculated the number of button-down shirts he'd need, so we're having to do double-duty!) We did some mall walking, then headed to Toys R Us to get a little celebration gift. He started to say he was tired, so we came back to the hotel to get him a nap. Tonight, another local cranio family came to visit and brought us another wonderful dinner. Thanks so much, Kerre! He unfortunately refused to get a picture with sweet baby Jack, but was more than happy when we got back to the room to pose with his Sponge Bob Whoopie Cushion! Another hit gift from Eden! I asked him today what his favorite part about Dallas was, and his answer was, "Go-Karts!" I then asked him what his least favorite part about Dallas was, and he responded with "Nothing, really." Funny, I can come up with an idea or two!

His right eye now stays open pretty well on its own. I was a little worried after his nap, but it opened right up when he woke up, so I think we're good there. The left one he can now get open with his fingers, but can't keep it that way, so he pretty much leaves it alone. I think by tomorrow it may be open too. We fly out around 2:00 and will be back in Dayton around 5pm. It'll be so good to be home and see Alex and Lizzie again and finally go back to normal! Dr. Fearon has asked us to send pictures at 6 weeks post-op, but will leave it up to us whether we feel the need to come back for follow-ups. He didn't leave any openings, so he said Zack will have no restrictions at 3 weeks post-op. I still can't believe how well he's done this time!

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Have a safe Flight home!